Water Taxis, Topless waitresses & A dog named Rusty!

So this weekend I was quickly reminded that Saturday the 6th February (1 week before Valentines Day) is one of the BIGGEST weekends on a strippers calendar...... When you look at the books the Tuesday before and almost every girl in your staff are already booked then imagine how scary it is come 6pm on Saturday when you literally cannot put your phone down for one second!!! Message after message, calls on hold while you answer other calls, all while I myself am on a water Taxi in bloody Brooklyn, about to head out to my first job for the night. I had no internet reception the entire time I was on both the water taxi and the houseboat so I decided to take photos of the water. And then something cute happened. While I was stressing and sitting in the back of the water taxi,  a dog that I hadn't noticed until then jumped up onto the seat next to me and put his head on my lap. His name was Rusty and he was the sweetest Greying old Cattle dog I've ever met. So we took some selfies and after a good 20 minute ride in the boat I arrived at a pair of houseboats that were joined to eachother, completely packed full of boys. It was showtime!