Hollys weekend of laughs!!

 My weekend of laughs started off with using my new found career choice as an all access pass to one of Newcastle's hottest male Strippers change rooms....YOU HEARD ME LADIES!! I seen it all!! haha twice....

After all of my shenanigans on Friday came my working night.....the long ass Saturday. Haha first I worked in the hunter valley. Where we had the buck dressed as a strange cross between a gimp and Hawaiian hulla dancer the guys where a tone of fun and put me in charge of the glitter.....the poor Buck will be picking glitter from his ass hair for weeks. The aim was that when he farted it was all sparkly, it didn't go as planned instead the glitter mixed with sweat and clumped up....use your imagination!! Haha

NEXT UP! I worked a duo ohh yeah! My job just gets better as you keep reading right?!? Haha anyways all well and good....until I turn up to the address anddddd it's a shed....haha we where literally dancing in a change room!?! But that's not the worst part! I walk in and right in front of me are two childhood friends!?! Haha lucky for me they are great guys and let's face it, it's no secret theyve wanted to see this for years....I always said they couldn't afford it...turns out I was wrong

Last but not least!! My last job I turn upto and there asleep except the best man haha he (the best man) gets me to run up and down the hallway moaning the Bucks name haha next minute the guys are literally crawling over one another yelling "boobs" "Stripper""yew!!" Haha I'm not sure what was weirder the fact that they looked like a pack of half dead zombies or that I seen atleast 3 of them crawl over one another naked....once all clothed and semi awake they guys had a great time with some whip marks to remember me by whilst they dreamt haha

Xx holly