The conjoined Houseboat on Brooklyn

Saturday 6th Feb was my first night back at work in about 3 months! A 1.5 hour car trip, 1 hour round water taxi trip and 2 houseboats joined together with approximately 30 lovely young gentlemen...... and then I arrive..... :) The vibe was good on the boat and within the river, the guys were happy and it was a lovely welcome back to the life of a Heartbreaker Showgirl!

Our first Blog!!!

Hi everyone and welcome to our Blog Space!!

It's taken me wayyyyy too long to figure out how to do this so I'm a little excited to finally get it happening! Our blog space will be updated as often as possible with new blogs written by our very own Heartbreaker Showgirls!!!! As always we will keep our clients details and info private!! Our blogs will range from new photoshoots and images, what we get up to in our professional and personal lives, and general information submitted by our gorgeous girls!